alterations1We can handle most repairs such as hems to pants, replacing zippers, altering waists, and taking up sleeves on coats.  More complex repairs such as tapering coats or re-weaving should be taken to a professional tailor.  Please allow three (3) to seven (7) days for repairs to be returned.  Below is a list of the most requested items.  If there is something not listed, please feel free to call or e-mail us about your alteration.

Pants Hemming Tip – To get the accurate length for hemming pants, wear the shoes that will go with the pants.  Stand on a stool or a table and have a friend pin the hem one (1) inch from the bottom of the heel.

Altering Sleeve Length Tip – Place the coat or shirt on and place your arms at the side of your body.  Have a friend place a pin at the break (bottom of where your wrist bends) of your wrist.

Hem Pants Replace Pockets in Pants
Hem Pants with cuffs Alter Dress / Skirt Length
Alter Waist in Pants Sew / Replace Buttons or Snaps
Taper Pants Alter Pants to make to Shorts
Replace Zippers Shorten / Lengthen Sleeves for Coats
Sew Patches Alter Long Sleeve Shirts to make Short Sleeve Shirts
Patch Holes

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